Sunday, October 29, 2006

Digg to add new topic section "Rumors"


As a longtime follower of I have noticed on several occasions stories making it to the frontpage without any shred of truth in them but the "excitement" and crowd pleasing introduction of new "rumors." As it's nice to sort through and see whats not so accurate (without burying them), I think its also still great for people to speculate because it all does possess a sliver of truth within its knowledge.

However, I am asking that a new category be created for called "rumors/speculation" or something of the effect to help clean up some of the confusion and allow the sorting of the topics and information to be readily available and easy to use. Digg is a great resource to hop on and check the current happenings, and the news as if you were chatting with a buddy at the proverbial "watercooler" or at a Starbucks before you headed back to work. This community has kept the interest of myself and others by providing this information and allowing users to share their input.

To the Digg community, keep up the great work!

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