Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Questions to ask when shopping for Homeoners Insurance or switching

As I do periodically I wanted to get some quotes on homeowners policy and I wanted to make sure I was looking at things "apples to apples" comparison. Below is a list of some questions I researched to ask during the process to help.

  • [BASIC] What is covered under the new policy and what is excluded?
  • [BASIC] How much would it cost to rebuild or replace our home from a total loss? Is there a percentage of value?
  • [BASIC] Are there any discounts we might qualify for?
  • [BASIC] What would our deductibles be and for what?
  • [BASIC] Is mold covered under the policy?
  • [DETAILED] How much liability protection would we have and what is covered and what is excluded?
  • [DETAILED] Do you offer separate flood/earthquake/sewer backup insurance policy?
  • [DETAILED] What is my coverage for Additional Living Expenses (ADL) is included? 
  • [DETAILED] Do you offer a umbrella coverage? How much would it be and what wold it cover?
I hope this helps you in your search for better rates.

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