Tuesday, November 15, 2016

How to Stop or Remove Spam Calendar Invites on iCloud?

NOTE: If you "Accept" or "Decline" the calendar invite this alerts the spammer that you are a real user and the spam you receive will increase.

To remove the calendar spam follow these steps as highlighted by our Dutch friends at appletips.nl

Step 1. Open your iCloud calendar app (for this demonstration I am using the web version)

Step 2. Go to Calendars and add a new calendar

Step 3. Click the "Edit" button and then the "+" to add a calendar. You can call it anything you want "spam," or leave it as the default "untitled 1." I left mine as the default "untitled 1."

Step 4. Open each invite and move it to the new calendar "untitled 1"

Step 5. Repeat this step for all spam invites.

Step 6. Now delete the spam calendar "untitled 1." Click the "Edit" button then the red button next to "untitled 1." to delete the spam calendar.

Not only will this remove all current spam, but it should eliminate any further ones from that sender.

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