Monday, April 02, 2012

Hunger Games demonstrates parallels outside plot

After bending to my will I decided that I needed to go watch the Hunger Games this past weekend as I began hearing from friends & colleagues who spoke highly of the movie. All the reviews were coming back positive even from people who originally had no intention on going to see the movie.

The first thing to note about the movie was that it was an incredibly tense movie and at times kept you on the edge of your seat and provided for some dramatic encounters. My only criticisms would revolve around some of the bad acting (except Jennifer Lawrence) that flows in and out at times.

Having not taken the time yet to read the stories I find that I am drawn towards downloading the books (Hunger Games, Catching Fire, & Mocking Jay) to experience this adventure further.

My diversion. After finishing the movie I could not contain the thoughts that were going through my mind wondering why such a story in today's day-and-age would be so popular. Then it occurred to me that one could draw strong parallels from the movie to the current socioeconomic condition of the US and the diverging classes of our citizens. As the storyline progresses you begin to feel (yes I mean feel) how Katniss begins to recognize her surroundings and understand the true game she is playing. By game I am not referring to the "hunger games" but to the game in which the citizens of the district are pawns in the large game of "life". As the socialites continue to find enjoyment from the struggles of the lower class citizens (think occupy Wall Street & the 1%) we begin to gain a better picture. Now this is one take on the comparison and you can equate it to a myriad of past struggles of good vs evil, have's and the have not's but my proposition is that this is what is making the movie a hit. The fact that a person can visualize the gravity of the situation in a Hollywood analogy fit with a life struggle and praised victor.

Note that this was written before I have read/finished the books and I hope to update my opinion as my knowledge increases. Please feel free to agree/disagree/respond as you feel appropriate.

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