Thursday, January 19, 2012

Project: Remote Temperature Sensor Array

Alright. I have begun to work on a new home project and wanted to document my work (because I often forget) and if anyone else is interested. I have broken down this project into 4 phases with my end goal being completed at the end of Phase 4.

Here is my project code named: Thunder Rock (yup, just because).

Phase 1. Develop a temperature sensor that can read the ambient temperature have have it display the readings on my computer via USB connection.

Phase 2. Build a multiple sensor array via wired sensors and have the temperature be displayed on my computer.

Phase 3. Convert sensors to be wireless and transmit the data remotely back to my desktop computer.

Phase 4. Connect working wireless sensor array to the WWW and allow myself to view the different temperatures on the web.

- For the beginning stages of the project I plan to use an Arduino Uno as my micro-controller
- There have been a lot of great resources on internet and I am not trying to re-invent the computer here.

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