Sunday, July 06, 2014

Swtiching to Droco 6 Blade System from Gillette Fusion Proglide (Bonus: Dorco Codes)

I wanted to make a change. I was sick with the price per cartridge that I was paying to use the Gillette Fusion Proglide ($49.98 for 14 ct = $3.57 per cartridge) and I decided that it was time to look for an alternative. I have used the Gillette Fusion over the last few years after switching from the Mach III.

I found the Dorco 6 Blade System as a comparative substitute for what I needed the razor to do. The price from the Dorco USA website is $5.71 for the handle and 2 cartridges or $6.25 for 4 ct = $1.56 per cartridge. That's over a $2 savings per each cartridge.

I have used the Dorco 6 Blade System to shave both my face and head and have found that it took a few times to get used to the different style than the Fusion Proglide. I have found that for my head shaving it does take a few extra strokes to get the back of my head. Using it on my face I have found a comfortable and smooth shave.

Overall, for the price I would encourage anyone to purchase a base set and give it a try. If it works it will save you a bunch of money. When switching know that it will take a few shaves at least two weeks to really break in the new razor. Most of it is just getting used to the hold and technique for using a different blade system.

- Razor did not nick or cut and appeared sharp
- 6 blade system provided a comfortable shave experience
- Blade has good movement to get hard to reach spots

- The razor head feels smaller than others
- Razor handle has a little cheaper feel

Other Suggestions:
- Dollar Shave Club
- Harry's Razors

Dorco USA Discounts:
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