Friday, March 02, 2007

Digg Scam: Investigative Reporting PICS

I hope this information can be use to help make Digg stronger and better!

So after reading a few articles on the conspiracy I decided to do a little investigative reporting. I found a source that was willing to send me some pics and and information about an unnamed website. This site apparently charges money to help promote "Submitted" websites to help promote them on the Digg website.

Here is a screen shot of their main login page:

Here is a shot send to me looking at the user page giving them instructions on how to use the service.

Here is a final shot of the verification that the stories had been dugg by the appropriate user.

IRONY. The irony of the whole situation is that my friend indicated that on average they were receiving a bout 6 - 8 new articles a day and were getting them verified within 24 - 48 hrs.

So looking at that it would be like.

6 stories a day / 3 per .50 = 2 x .5 = $1.00 a day

A DOLLAR A DAY! For that amount of money it would take approximately almost month to get the minimum $20 dollars needed to with withdraw your money. So who is making out like a bandit... um its easy to see.

Most likely users will keep getting banned, blocked, or modded from Digg and will never see a penny from this "company"

So I hope Digg can fix their algorithm to account for the ever changing "attacks".

The Dude Abides. Digg on!


Anonymous said... made the front page a while ago...

Anonymous said...

Please don't let them destroy digg, where else will I learn about all the latest Dreamhost deals, find links to single crappy photos, and webpages with more ads than content!

Normalguy said...

It's a scam, they only pay you once you reach $20. You'll never reach $20 by the time you get banned from Digg so this company keeps all the money.

I decided to try it out and I got banned by the time I hit $1.50.

I did get unbanned after contacting Digg about it and they agreed to unban my account on condition I pretty much promise to not do it again (and my account is in a probationary status).

Either way, don't do it. It's detrimental to Digg, and you'll never see any cash anyway. I applaud Digg for catching users so quickly.