Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Pondering the World - 1

Things that make me go "huh." One of the biggest items I ponder are why other people do the things they do...

Here are some examples...

- Went to a local restaurant that has a buffet and clearly at the start of the line it clearly states "One bowl please." Yet there are still those people (big, small, old, young, etc) who choose to take two bowls. What in our human nature causes us to disobey a simple guideline. I would imagine its the fact that there are no penalties for anyone who violates this norm and that because others are doing it, it must be OK.

- A second example is where I watched as a car pulled into a parking lot that was full and because there was no room decided to park next to another car (not in a spot) and make their own new row. Even better was they guy in the expensive BMW who pulled up and actually moved a set of cones restricting people from parking in a spot to use the spot for himself.

Where in our history have people found the need to feel entitled to these items?

The Dude Abides.

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