Monday, December 15, 2008

Welcome to the future

Looking for inspiration in today's world seem very easy to find.

I have the internet at my finger tips (literally via my iPhone) and access to information at incredible speeds. What boggles my mind is the things we are still faced with as a developing society.

Take for instance our recent financial downturn that we have are currently experiencing. Who would have speculated that something like this would have happened? A few did but most of the world didn't listen and now we find ourselves in a pickle. The US housing market has plunged the stock market has crashed and crashed again, and we still don't have an answer on if we will need to bail out the "Big 3." Hindsight is 20/20 but when did we move so recklessly into the future without caution for much of anything?

Now there are tough questions being answered and people and having to "pay the piper." What sucks are the millions of people who were honestly taken advantage of during the housing boom and were given the wrong types or size of mortgages who will suffer because of the other group of people who own two or more houses they were trying to flip or knowingly asked for a $350K mortgage when they could only afford $200K. It's how are system works thought we must flush everything out or help everyone because if we don't those who know how to work the system will get all the benefits while those who truly need it will not.

So looking forward I hope we take a step back and see where we are now and these leaves a small scar on the minds of Americans as we realize what we are capable of good and bad. Because there is a chance to make a difference and turn things around. We have a chance to change our future and make things better, but we must always realize what got us here as well.

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