Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Best iPhone Case for 6/6S & iPhone 6/6S Plus

After trying several cases over the last year I have settled on a case that fits my style, personality and provides functionality.

My recommendation for best iPhone case is the Spigen "Slim Armor" case. This is the case that I now use on my iPhone 6.

  • Feels very durable
  • Has a lightweight design
  • Has enough friction to not constantly fall out of your pocket
  • Easily access the headphone port
  • Allows phone to be connected to a good variety of third party devices 
  • Allows free access to the Tough ID for quick access to phone
  • Case is not an ultra durable case (maximum protection)
  • Case does not come with a belt clip or holster for specific activities
  • Case does not provide superior protection for the screen
In my extensive use of this case I can tell you that I have been pleasantly surprised that for around $16 I have a case that fulfills the majority of what I want in an iPhone case.  Before this case I was using the OtterBox Defender and found it to be bulky and awkward. The case hid the features of the phone and the protective film over the Touch ID sensor.

I have dropped the phone inadvertently while using it and the case provided a great buffer from a waist height drop. The case protects the corners and will protect the phone against a face first fall. The one downside in the protection area is that it will not protect the phone against a piecing fall. For example if the phone would fall onto a sharp rock it may crack the glass.

Overall, I believe you will be surprised by how seamless this case will protect the phone while not interfering with your use.

If your interested in what they look like check them out here:
iPhone 6/6S: http://amzn.to/2a8sTZr
iPhone 6 plus / 6S plus: http://amzn.to/2a8tsmb


diving in cabo said...

I was wondering where to buy an Iphone phone case , thanks for the ideas ! I am looking for a durable yet pretty one, which does not heat up quickly.

www.bestessays.com said...

my friend was looking for one and he asked if i could fine one with these charectaristics now i know what to tell him i am sure he is definitely going to buy one